Comcast IPv6 Trials Update

Received this message today. They haven't updated the <> site yet.


Wow that's great, hopefully Cablevision will do the same with their optimum online!!!


Are you looking for something specific on We will likely
be making some content updates in the not too distant future and over time
as the trials progress and evolve. If there is something specific you would
like to see send me your suggestions.



Can anyone recommend a decent book on IPV6? Most of what I find on the net don't explain things very well.


I found "Migrating to IPv6: A practical guide to implementing IPv6 in mobile and fixed networks" by Marc Blanchet very well written and "worth the price of admission".

ISBN: 978-0471-49892-6

Deploying IPv6 Networks is pretty good. Definitely not a beginner book and is geared towards service providers.

Note that it is a CP book...