Comcast IPv6 PD Centos

Hi Folks,

I'm wondering if anyone has successfully configured prefix delegation on
Comcast's service using CentOS 7 as a router/firewall.

I'm trying to help troubleshoot a configuration and I can't find anything
current via Google.


It may be helpful to look at the forums at UBNT. They have details of how to make it work on their edge router platform which is a Linux box underneath.

Jared Mauch

What endpoint do you have? Some of Comcast's devices -- notably the SMCD3G-CCR -- have a broken IPv6 PD implementation.

I've tried to get it to work in the past, and finally just switched to
a different platform for my "firewall". It's just really really broken
in RHEL6/7 derivatives to try to get dhcp-pd to work properly without
a lot of jank and external script hooks that are fragile at best
without writing something actually stateful to manage the changes at
the kernel level + userspace along with interacting with the
distribution's network config manager.

If you really want to do it, you'll need to switch to a different dhcp
flavor like ISC and then write some hook scripts, or you have to swap
to a different network configuration management structure.

Alternately, you'll likely have a better experience with an edgerouter
X or Ubuntu.

All that said, it's been a while, so things might be better now? I'd
ask on the ISC lists or stackexchange/reddit maybe to see.