Comcast eastern Washington storm update?

I know the east side of my state was nailed with a big storm. The Gov
declared a state of emergency.

Comcast service for several of my clients has understandably been down
since Tuesday.

I called in a few times over the last two days and the automated message
keeps saying "service should be restored by 12:01 PM today", after that
time passes the message gets changed to 7:01 PM, then to 8:01 AM, then
12:01 PM. (Always '01'--what's with that?)

One time I let the call get through to a rep and they couldn't give any
information on the extent of the damage or an ETA.

Can anyone at Comcast shed some light on the disaster over there or give a
rough idea on service restoration?

As always, I appreciate the hard work from the guys in the trenches and the
engineers that miraculously seem to keep my clients up 24/7. (Just for
fun, attached are stats about the router for 365 days before the storm
hit--and most of that 'unreachable' time was probably issues with the
monitoring server.)

Thanks again for all your hard work.


Er, I should have mentioned 'Spokane, WA'.

We had hundreds of users in WA with Comcast having many issues yesterday. Comcast never would acknowledge it was an issue. It finally just cleared up. Their VOIP phones were not working, all website were really slow and generating PCBD errors. Not sure if this helps but thought I would mention it. We had no other users reporting issues from the rest of the USA.

Lots of update information on the WA Comcast website. Looks like
they've had daily updates.