Comcast Contact

Could someone from Comcast please email me off list.

Ross Hosman

Follow directions......

If you have an AS, get yourself an inoc-dba phone. Easiest way to
contact network operators that I know of.

I have one, and its cool. However the time I *really* needed it was
because I couldn't reach a particular AS... and of course neither could
my INOC-DBA phone (sigh...).


There are several ways around that... Probably the easiest is to have
your INOC-DBA phone number ring not only the SIP phone on your NOC desk,
but a couple of commercial gateways like Vonage and BroadVoice and so
forth, which would not, under most circumstances, all be affected by the
same outage. One hopes. They would then ring PSTN numbers for you.

Another way around the problem, which has been the most common one
historically, is to put the INOC-DBA phones on different DSL/cable
providers' lines run into your NOC, as well as on your own network. Three
phones, reached through three ASNs, and _something_ should ring.

A third way, which only a few ISPs have done, is to run a separate
infrastructure out to a few exchanges, just to support those VoIP calls.
That probably only makes sense if you're doing it anyway, for broader VoIP