Comcast Business IPv6 issues


I am a Comcast business Internet subscriber and have been struggling with
having my assigned IPv6 /64 block changing every time Comcast pushes out a
firmware update to my (Motorola BitSurfer) CM.

It seems rather silly that my IPv4 address has not changed in the six
months I've been a Comcast business customer, yet my IPv6 address changes
every few weeks, always after a reset command is sent from the head-end to
my CM (or after power outage).

My *home* Comcast IPv6 address has not changed in over a year, and the same
applies for my IPv4 address, so something is different about the way
Comcast is treating their IPv6 business customers.

This is getting quite frustrating as I run my security cameras over IPv6
and when the addresses change out from under me, things obviously break.

Any insights here from the wise hivemind of Nanog or from Comcast network
folks? Any chance static IPv6 will be available to business customers?

While I am on the subject — reverse DNS delegation would also be a
nice thing to have if and when static IPv6 addressing is made available. :slight_smile:


David Sotnick

I don’t think they have a clear policy for V6. I can tell everytime my Comcast cable modem is updated because I lose all ipv6 connectivity. Right now I am in one of those periods. I can’t get ipv6 to pass the modem. Customer support tells me it’s not an issue and must be on my end. My tunnels won’t even work.


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