Comcast Business Account Website Broken

For the last two weeks we have been unable to pay any bills on the business Comcast website.

Clicking on any billing link results in:

400 Bad Request
Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

This is going to the URL of:

Even trying to log out from the customer portal results in:


Something went wrong. Please check back later.

This is going to this URL:

Hoping someone on here can get this to the right people to fix. I'm sure Comcast would love to get payments from their commercial customer base.

Someone else here gave me a pointer when I was running into this on the USPS site.

Clear your cookies for that site. (In Chrome/Edge, go to the site, open up the dev tools, go to the “Application” tab, find cookies, delete them all).

Something probably went a little nuts with the site and ended up creating too much data in one or more cookies.


Have you tried incognito mode? Sometimes some Extensions will mess with the request-header and break some web sites (I'm looking at you, Cisco Licensing). FYI I'm able to access the site but don't have a login to test further.

Greg Dickinson, CCNA
Network Engineer