COM/NET informational message

This message explains an upcoming change in certain behavior of the
com and net authoritative name servers related to internationalized
domain names (IDNs).

VeriSign Global Registry Services (VGRS) has been a longtime advocate
of IDNs. Our IDN Test Bed has been active for over two years and we
have followed and supported IETF developments in the IDN area. The
protocol for IDNs developed by the IETF's IDN Working Group has been
approved by the IESG and we anticipate that RFCs will be published
soon. That protocol, Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications
(IDNA), calls for changes to individual applications to support IDNs.
VGRS has developed a plug-in, called i-Nav, for Microsoft's Internet
Explorer browser to support IDNs in a manner consistent with IDNA.
i-Nav is free and more information about it is available at


I guess since no one will make a plugin for my various non-popular
architectures (how many poorly written websites _require_ Flash?)
I'll just be kicked off the internet.

Hmm, maybe a good thing....

If this new RFC hasn't even been published yet? Why the rush?
Wouldn't the more _responsible_ thing to do be to wait for
adoption of the standard, rather than rushing everyone out to
prepare for you to start selling?