COM/NET informational message

Am I the only one that finds this perversion of the DNS protocol
abhorrent and scary?

Sounds like a fine interweb kludge

It'll just be annoying until other applications aquire similar
bodgery as the users will not understand why they can't use it
for mail and all


The Internet Explorer plug-in approach they're using is quite reminicent of the folks' methods. The Internet is more than just the web, just as there are many more browsers out there than just Microsoft's.

It's so nice Verisign is pushing a solution for COM/NET. I have to wonder if we'll have a different solution in .ORG, another in .BIZ, etc. Folks, this is why we cooperate with competitors and produce standards.

Well, the way I look at this is: I hope it's temporary (for everyone's sake) and perhaps most of the problem cases will be in web look ups for names under com and net, so maybe this will knock a lot of the problem cases out. Hopefully.