Color vision for network techs

I have troubles with orange-yellow-greenish colors. Red is fine, most of
greens as well. Already 15 years within the industry, several different
jobs. Nobody ever asked me, but I think I mentioned it to all potential
employers during interviews. For some of them it was funny or even
interesting but I don't think anybody considered it as my disadvantage.
Despite in most cases I cannot tell amber LED from yellow or orange one,
I don't think it affects my duties. Usually different colors have also
different luminosity, so shortly you learn characteristics of different
products, like that with Cisco amber is the "darker one".
I have also seen blades with broken LED's that had all the colors but
one (like 6704 port with green and no amber), so to be 100% sure one
should always check the console.

The simple solution for color perception issues is to carry some cheap red/green 3d glasses... they would make discriminating between LED colors as easy as closing one eye:)