Colo Capacity quote in Renton, WA 98057, USA needed


I have half a dozen servers in a DC in Renton, WA 98057, USA.

I'm looking for quotes 7 RU with 100mbit PIR. I do need A and B side power.

The pricing from my current provider has got out of hand and they have burnt the relationship. As a result I am interested in hearing from others who might be interested in servicing this small requirement.

Cheers Don

Hi Don

Check out ; you will enter the
requirements inclusive the area you prefer.

They will send you referrals and you can choose who to pick.


Hi Sam,

Thanks what a great resource!

I'm feeling the NOG love here right now!!! I got a bit DDOS'ed with support and now I'm just wading through the replies.

I did discover that I'm just paying way to much and have been bitten by not paying proper attention to refreshing service arrangements annually (or even biannually).

Thanks guys to everyone who responded and sorry if I haven't got back to you quite yet.