Cogent Outage?

I'm not sure if it relates to this site, you didn't provide a link to
the report about 1and1
actions but the FBI is very active tracking many sites and hundreds of
domains that
are popping up in several places after the quake and that are a scam.

I'm not saying this site is legit, but just starting with the name it
sounds very suspicious.

I second the recommendation to support the Red Cross or other well established
relief organizations.

If you are willing to provide a contribution another option is

UNDP is also providing updates via youtube


Thanks all for the quick responses. Got what we needed.

for clarification:
This website does not involve any donations at all. It is simply a bulletin board application that allows US based relatives to post name, last known location of people in Haiti whom they can not get in touch with. Since there is still internet access available in Haiti via satellite, there are people in Haiti who would frequent the list and post a response if they happen to know of the whereabouts of someone listed on the site.

once again thank you all.

Lots of these web sites popping up