Cogent/Level 3 depeering

Exactly. And this is why Cogent's statement to the public (and their
customers) is an outright lie. Level 3 isn't "denying Level 3's
customers access to Cogent's customers and denying Cogent's customers
access to Level 3 customers.". It's just that they deny Cogent
settlement-free direct peering anymore. Cogent can get the L3 and L3
customer routes elsewhere if they want. But Cogent doesn't. It's Cogents
decision to break connectivity, not L3's.

So if you're a Level(3) customer and you ask their network to exchange
packets with an IP address reachable only through Cogent, and they can't do
so, how does that differ from the reverse situation?

If you pay a network to move bits for you, they should be making the best
effort to move those bits. Level(3) is now making less of an effort. So
is Cogent. Customers of both networks lose out, and have a right to be

I wonder what the traffic levels and ratios involved are. I'm sure that's
a big part of the untold story.