Code red- Returning?

Has anyone out there noticed an increase in a Code-Red patterned virus?
I know about the Microsoft bug that came out yesterday/last night.
But I am seeing the same symptoms as Code Red,
800+ hits in the last 12 hours, from the same Class A network I am on.
The amount is increasing per hour…
It started with 50 the first hour and now it just about 150 an hour…



We’re still in the propogation mode, until the 20th.

Unless their clocks are off by 3 days, they’re in the wrong mode …

However, since 1100EST 3-17-03, we’ve seen a steady uptick also. Also, some other tools must be attempting to use the same exploits, but they are more ferocious, creating thousands of attempts within a few minutes, exploiting the same vulnerabilities.