CLI & text-based server for RIPEstat now available

Dear colleagues,

due to the popular demand, we are now providing RIPEstat data in the text format, in two ways:

you can use existing clients to query the RIPEstat server on port 43:

~# echo as3333 | nc 43 | less
~# whois -h AS3333


you can get out client from GitHub, use it and/or modify it:

Please let us know if this is how the operators prefer their data,
and what would be new features you want us to work on.

Or, contribute to the code yourself :slight_smile:


More info:

RIPEstat is an interface to the information about IP addresses and AS numbers collected by RIPE NCC: registry data, RIPE (whois) database, IRR data, and both real-time & historical routing information collected by RIS (Route Information Service).

The visualized data is available via web queries, and there is a Data-API access available too, but now made easily accessible even for people who do not know much about scripting, yet prefer command-line queries.

You can find the announcement & links in this article on RIPELabs: