Cleveland/Cincinnati Co-location

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I am working on project that may involve building points of presence in Cleveland & Cincinnati. Any suggestions as to which colocation facility in each city to build in? The prime factor of consideration for this project is access to waves to places like Chicago, New York & Ashburn. It would be nice to have multiple wave provider options to choose from.

I have been looking at Cyrus One-7thStreet in Cincinnati & Databank in Cleveland.

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Mitchell Lewis


Everstream has a pretty vast network in Ohio. Worth looking into.

DRS/Involta is a big one up there, but I’m not sure if they do plain-old colo.


CyrusOne and Immedion are the only 2 datacenters in Cincinnati that have a decent spread of what little connectivity Cincinnati has going through it.

Immedion is down on 3rd street

Reach out off list if you have questions or want an intro.

Expedient has two facilities in Cleveland that might be worth looking at.

Thank you

+1 for Expedient. Not a current customer but a VERY satisfied former customer. (Decision to leave them was a foul case of penny-pincher mismanagement, above my pay grade and over my objections.)


I’m in Expedient’s Cleveland DC and will second that they’re decent.