clearblue part deux

So haven't seen anybody else mention it yet...Clearblue in SFO went
off-net for 3ish hours today, again as the result of internal power
issues as far as I can tell. Gennys didn't kick in. After gettin my
stuff back up, went for a self-guided tour of the facility to find 3
guys gathered around one of their UPSes scratching their heads. I
suspect something went *poof*. At least it was a Saturday...

Personally, I'm looking forward to renegotiating my contract later this
year. :slight_smile:


Silly me. hadn't caught up on my mail yet. Bastards lost power again
around 9:40PM PST.


Sounds like XO in Fremont ... last weekend their one UPS had a leaking
capacitor, took out both UPS systems, power was down for at least
1.5 hours. Was really nice to move out of Clear Blue in Santa Clara
to arrive in Fremont and being told power was out.

Sigh, repetition is the mother of learning. Despite the name, UPSes are
not uninterruptible. Every UPS vendor has failures, and will have

If you put all your servers in one location, you will eventually have a
failure. Diversity begins at home.

"On August 2 at 2:22 p.m. PDT, the on-duty guard mistakenly opened the
protective cover and pressed the Emergency Power Off (EPO) button when
he tried to silence the door audible alarm."

I gotta remember that one.


back when i was a contracter at GE R&D, once a new electrician came into
our work area and told us that the lisp machines in our machine room were
running on emergency power and he was going to fix it for us.

we weren't quite quick enough to stop him from hitting the button labeled
"emergency power off".

in retrospect, it's funny, but at the time we were leaning towards killing
him right then and there.