clear blue sf with out power

Anyone know what's up with Clearblue in SF, 650 Townsend St.

I've been getting alerts that they have been with out power now for a couple
days and are still on generator power.



From what Internap has told me, power went out at Navisite (I'm getting

tired of name changes) at 10:15 on 1/19 due to PG&E de-energizing the grid
that feeds the DC due to a short. No ETA on when the grid will be back.


Scott Granados said:

Over a day of downtime due to a short? Whose side is the short on -
PG&E's or Navisite's? There's no excuse for a delay this long, on either

Of course, all info regarding this outage has been second-hand, so I'll
reserve judgment.

I'd have expected some level of local news coverage if PG&E was at fault,

I've heard more of a payment / pgne issue but again not sure.

Also other carriers in that buildeing including level3 I believe and no
issues from them.

Also no power issues mentioned on kron, kgo, kntv or ktvu either nor
ksfo's radio so uh um yeah.

Oh and while writing this, a call to pgne yielded no outages either.