Cleaning out my basement - hopefully useful to someone near IAD

Hi all,

I’m in the process of cleaning out my basement and getting rid of a bunch of networking stuff that I’ve accumulated over the years.

Much of it is older, but I’m hoping it might be useful to someone, especially if they are doing anything like building a lab for learning/certification, etc. I’m giving it away (not selling it), and I’m in Northern VA, near IAD / Ashburn Equinix.

A very partial list:
Cisco 7401ASR
Cisco 3560 switch
Bunch of Cisco 7960 IP phones.
Avaya IP phone

Some Juniper M7i power supplies

Wandel & Goltermann DS3/DS1 BERT / tester
T-Berd 209 T1 BERT

Compact PCI cards (some Nokia, some others)
Dialogic D/120JCT-LS PCI Voice Boards

Many many other similar era things

Some photos:

1: I’m near Dulles airport - you will have to come pick it up, and in the next few days. I’m not shipping things, etc.

2: I’d prefer that it goes to someone who will use it for learning purposes or similar (please no just taking it all to sell on eBay or similar)

3: I’d much prefer that one person take it all. It’s taken me many months to get around to emptying the basement, and I’m trying to make this as easy as possible!

4: Please reply off-list (including contact information, when you can pick up, and confirmation that you would like everything) --no need to clutter up the list (as it is, this is close to what is acceptable use of the list)


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Thank you everyone – I’ve gotten a fair number of off-list responses, and it seems as though all the things will be taken and given good home(s).

If this falls through, I’ll update the thread.