Class "B" forsale (fwd)

> Yes, I know many (David and Geoff:-)) are probably calling me Pollyanna
> right about now and it is true that most companies won't return it
> if they think they can sell it. But I think having a procedure in
> place to at least begin reclaiming addresses from those organizations
> that are no longer in business can only help matters.
> Kim

So tell me, what exactly is stopping you from doing so and why wasn't this
started one hell of a long time ago? Or are we just hearing more of the
typical rhetoric we've come to expect from the Nic.

There is a procedure in place and it has been used to great effect.
The last time the space was "exercised" to recover space, we recovered
about 13% of the total available IPv4 space. That was in 1995.

There are plans underway to re-exercise the process to see what can be
done wrt the TWD. I expect that this time the effort will be directed
to reducing the routing table size and not so much recovery of IP space.

Check the 1995 NANOG archives and the IEPG archives.