Class "B" forsale (fwd)

What is the InterNIC policy on the sale of class Bs?
From: Joseph T. Klein, Titania Corporation
E-mail: Sent: 22:10:20 CST/CDT 03/09/97

The InterNIC's policy is what's stated in rFC2050. An organization
must justify the utilization efficiency of address space. They need
to justify it whether they request it from a regional registry, whether
they buy it or whether they received it for Xmas.

The way I look at it is, an organization received address space because
of information they listed on an IP template. They had a requirement
for this amount of IP numbers. Even if they received it long ago when
it was easier to get addresses, they still had to show some kind of
requirement. If they no longer have a requirement for the address,
they should return it.

Yes, I know many (David and Geoff:-)) are probably calling me Pollyanna
right about now and it is true that most companies won't return it
if they think they can sell it. But I think having a procedure in
place to at least begin reclaiming addresses from those organizations
that are no longer in business can only help matters.


So tell me, what exactly is stopping you from doing so and why wasn't this
started one hell of a long time ago? Or are we just hearing more of the
typical rhetoric we've come to expect from the Nic.

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