Class "B" forsale (fwd)

And pay for damages. :wink:

- paul

More than a few people have hoarded, sold, and exchanged
Class Bs for profit. Such exchanges should be given the
same value as the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge and lunar
land parcels.

The result of a few gaining money for B space has been
to encourage people to horde it.

Demand vs. Supply, this sounds like a 3rd grade economics class. This is no
longer a couple of colleges with a bunch of grad students folks. This is a
worldwide business (no matter how much me, you, or anyone else would like it
be something else) and people are here to make a dollar. If I can makea few
bucks (or a hell of a lot of bucks) by selling space that is mine to do with
as I please.. so be it.

My point is ...

If the transfers are not honored then they will have no value.
The crunch in IP space can be drastically reduced if the horded
addressed where returned to the pool for use by those that need

It is not yours. Anyone who sells IP addresses is committing
fraud. Sell the deed to the moon and you land in jail.

OK who owned it? The administrative contact, the
technical contact? If I am an administrator for XYZ corp
and I sell XYZ's unused class B to ABC corp for $10K ...
have I embezzled $10K worth of assets from XYZ?

When the lawers get wind of this we are all in it deep.

You are treading on very shaky ground. Your free market
sounds more like anarchy. Commerce can not function without

This line of reasoning based on "anarchist economics" will
bring the whole structure down on all of us.

Catch 22 - If you sell it, you don't need it. You don't need it
it goes back to the numbering authority.

Since the original user of the IP address did not pay for it,
how can they claim to own it? Quid Pro Quo!