Class "B" forsale (fwd)


I remember going through hell writing the justification for this network.
I didn't know the NIC would allow sale of address space.

The Internet regsistries cannot disallow someone from selling IP
address space any more than we can disallow someone selling the
Brooklyn Bridge, gold painted bricks, or land with a lovely ocean view
a few miles south of the Everglades.

However, what we can disallow is the update of the registration
database when a full registry allocated block is transfered from one
organization to another.

Of course, although I work for a registry, I (personally) am under no
illusion that this will discourage the insistent as it has little
impact on the operational viability of the network, it just makes
finding out appropriate contacts when bad things happen a bit more


You could, of course, SWIP (or otherwise delegate) both halves of
the block to the same maintainer. Same effect.


Hi. It's not good idea to discusse _can we /NIC/ allow or can we
More interesting is _how to prevent address space wasting_ and _how to
prevent extra payements..._.

If you'll disallow class B selling, Internet would lost 256*256
addresses, because this class B network would be unused (and somebody
would use class C networks instead_. It's bad thing, isn't it?

On the other hand, if you'll allow free saling of the address space,
internet would be the homeplace of the big nabobs who can bye total
address space and break down small competitors (and even small
countries); it'll mean the deaths of the Internet, isn't it?

I do not know how would NOC go between this _scilla_ and _charibda_, but
it's one of this important questions the internet's future depends of.