Class "B" forsale (fwd)

A few things come to mind as I follow this thread, and I've pondered
shooting myself in the foot instead of adding to the thread, but the
foot injury seems that it might be worse than jumping in here, so
here goes.

Someone mentioned the infamous (and seriously outdated) playing
in the sandbox idea. This tends to work good when all the people in
the theoretical sandbox are friends and neighbors, and have some
kind of "interest" in the well being of the sandbox. When someone
decides that they can get in the sandbox, mess around, and make
a bit of money, then leave the sandbox to never come back, they will.
On another note, if they find they can come in the sand box, and bully
the other sandbox members and get thier way, they will. The sand-
box has gotten huge, and crowded.

Rules are an interesting thing. If a rule isn't enforced, the only people
who will follow that rule are those who benefit from it (pardon me if
I insulted anyone here by insinuating that they would only follow a rule
if it benefited them - Let's just assume a clear conscious is benefit
enough for some, and not run off on a tangent). If I don't benefit from
a rule (or law), and it's not enforced, then what stops me from breaking
the rule (especially if there is a large benefit at the end of that tunnel)?

When a product has a value, a black market will arise where no "white"
market is available. The black market will remain in tact until either the
white market is able to supply the required product/service at an
equivalent volume and price. If it's easier or cheaper (or both) for me
to go to the black market and buy my product, why buy from the white?

I would propse that this is in fact happening, and will continue to
happen until there is some negetive incentive.

Now I don't even imagine to propose any comprehensive solution for
this. However let me toss an idea on the table. If in fact ARIN does come
into being as an organization supported and funded by an for the commuity
of IP users, then those IP users could work in cooperation with ARIN (and the
other NIC's) to police the usage of IP's. For example, the NICs could
maintain a database online that could monitor the current BGP tables.
If the NIC determines that an unallocated IP block is in use, they could then
insert a prefix entry into the table, seriously degrading the value of that
IP block. This could also be used in a gross way to evaluate usage of
prefixes, and unauthorized changes to prefixes.

Again, this is only an idea that I toss on the table, but I do stand by the
fact that unless there is a negetive incentive, there are those who will
do anything that is beneficial to them.

Chris A. Icide
Sr. Engineer
Nap.Net, L.L.C.

Chis's Idea is nice. Routing engineers in ISP sometimes misconfigure their
gear, so bogus route will be announced. Checking the Routing Information
ande sending the warning messages to the ISP, makes the network more stable.

And, let me toss an additional idea to it.
*) If an allocated addresses does not appear in such table for some period,
asking the aloocated guy to return them.

Ichiro Mizukoshi
Tel:+81-3-3341-6301 Fax:+81-3-3341-6305