CIX routing service (was Re: AGIS/DIGEX)

Avi Freedman <> writes:
        > Something like an MLPA, but without even the needed formality.
        > Basically, a 2501 or 2 or 3 at exchange points acting as route
        > reflectors might be handy for smaller ISPs who wanted to say
        > "I'll peer with anyone here to get better connectivity to them".
        > Since noone with > a few k routes is going to participate, 2501s
        > will have more than enough memory, and a 2501 can handle 20-30
        > such peers without dying when reloaded. And all sessions would
        > be screened...
    Good idea! :slight_smile:
    What you just outlined is exactly what PCH has been doing at MAE-West
    for a bit over two years. It works great; extremely low investment,
    unmeasurably low flappage, and good fast routes. I'd give unqualified
    encouragement to other folks to do exactly the same thing at other
    peering points.