CIX Filtering...


does any one know if they really ever did filter?

I believe they did, but Paul Vixie could answer authoritatively if
this issue is of major concern. My impression was that the CIX board
felt they *had* to filter of they'd have been nailed for not promoting
the industry (in violation of their tax exempt status) since they were
selectively filtering some ISPs and not others -- it has to be either
filter everyone or filter no one, and the CIX board chose "on" (since
they were already filtering some sites). However, I think within 6
months of deploying the filters, the CIX membership voted to turn them
off completely.

  Actually it was the CIX' hubris in thinking their interconnect
  to be of a value higher than all of its member networks.

I don't think they actually thought this -- I believe they were aware
the total number of routes filtered would be less than two dozen. My
impression (after several discussions) was that the CIX board felt the
filters were a necessity to keep the lawyers/IRS off their back.

SPRINTLINK (Bob Collette) quickly indicated they would route around

                          ^-- president of CIX at the time

the CIX, and that made the whole issue moot.

Bob and Paul would probably be the best people to talk to about this
if you want the real answers...