CIX Filtering...

Does anyone remember when the CIX proposed to filter networks of
customers of CIX members which were not themselves CIX members? Was
it as early as 1995?

  Actually it was November of 1994.


(We are trying to review a paper on Internet exchanges. It seems
ironic that this effort by the CIX to restrict traffic was rendered
ineffective by the same technique the CIX used to overcome the
impediments created by the NSFNET AUP, namely alternative paths for
"unacceptable" traffic.)

  Actually it was the CIX' hubris in thinking their interconnect
  to be of a value higher than all of its member networks. SPRINTLINK
  (Bob Collette) quickly indicated they would route around the CIX,
  and that made the whole issue moot. (or "academic" if you're in
  the real world.)

well they were threatening to filter all through the fall of 1994 and
early december was the last deadline that I remember. the deadlines would
come and go with no filtering. does any one know if they really ever did
filter? it is my impression that if they did do any at all it was small
and besides by december 1994 you had naps beginning to come on line which
would have provided a way around filters.....although the little guys were
not exactly clamoring to get into the naps at that point.