City apologizes for ORBZ shutdown....



from the article ...

I love it:

"The detective had no reason not to believe he was pursuing a hacker when he
issued a search warrant," Reen said. "The purpose of the search warrant was
to determine the identity of the person who sent the email that caused our
system to fail so we could then determine whether further investigation would
be necessary."

  So now, instead of the legal system being the last recourse when reasonable
people can't settle their differences, it's the first place you go. No wonder
we're such a litigious society.

  I think there's a tiny bit of an actual operational issue here. Apparently,
some people don't understand how to interact with each other about Internet
issues that cross providers. If there had been an actual malicious hacker, in
the time it took to get a search warrant and talk to ORBZ's attorney, many
other sites could have been compromised and the logging information needed to
track the perpetrator could have been lost.

David Schwartz