Cisco's AIP vs HSSI



> This is also my understanding. I thought I saw some work being done
> on an enhanced DXI specification, (the interface between the router and
> the ATM DSU), but I think that, for the most part, not much work is
> being done with ATM DSU solutions today. ATM DSUs were largely
> developed as a quick-to-market solution for adding ATM functionality
> to routers, without the need for new router boards. Their time has passed.
> -tjs

  I don't think that HSSI was designed as a point solution
  until ATM came along. Couching your answers in the context
  of an ATM solution is presumption, or so it appears to me.

  Agreed. On a side note, the HSSI card does not terminate in a
  V.35, but rather in a HSSI physical connection, similar to a SCSI
  physical termination.

  I wouldn't ponder the intent of the designers of the HSSI card.
  However, I would hazard that a good percentage (3-15) of the HSSI
  cards are used for access points to iMUXes....