Cisco's AIP vs HSSI

> I don't think that HSSI was designed as a point solution
> until ATM came along. Couching your answers in the context
> of an ATM solution is presumption, or so it appears to me.
> --
> --bill

Are you talking about point-to-point ATM or just point-to-point applications
in general?

My wild-assed guess would be that about 45% of HSSI boards are running
point-to-point HDLC or PPP and 45% are running Frame, with the rest SMDS
and ATM and god knows what else.


  The orginal question can be paraphrased as; "which
  board is better" (see the subject line).
  Tim S. couched his replies in the form of an ATM only
  solution. I feel that the HSSI board was not designed
  as such. Your comments seem to back up my assertions.
  I would claim that for raw throughput, and assuming
  the DS3 daughtercard for the AIP, that the HSSI board
  delivers more useful bits at the expense of an outboard
  CSU. This is based on my feeling that HDLC is more efficent
  than ATM signaling/framing.