Cisco router hardware advice needed..


We currently run a small ISP network with two Linux based routers called ISis
( to aggregate all the customers into the backbone.

There are two ISis routers and each ISis has two frame-relay T3's. All
customers have a frame-relay T1 and we setup the PVC DLCI mappings over the
frame cloud..

Now, the ISis routers are too much of a low quality and unacceptable for our
ever-growing network. (Please don't reply back to me telling me how Linux for
ISP routing is incorrect to begin with, etc, etc.. I understand and agree.. I
never made the call the go with Linux based routers in the beginning..)

Anyway.. with that being said. We are in process of removing these ISis
routers and replacing them with Cisco routers.

We are currently thinking of using Cisco 7206VXR's with at least an NPE300 per
replacement of ISis. So that would be two Cisco 7206 routers, each with two
frame-relay T3's. Each Cisco 7206 router will have about approximately 150 or
so serial sub-interfaces for customer PVC mapping.. And each 7206 will have a
100Meg FastEthernet connection to the backbone core router (since two T3's
saturating only goes up to about 90Mbps).

Now the question is.. Can a Cisco 7200 handle the two frame-relay T3's with
150 or so subinterfaces? My impression of a 7200 is that it is more designed
for deployment at the border, not much at the edge/aggregation.. What do you
people think? If it cannot handle such pressure, what other models do you guys
suggest for us? We are looking at both Cisco and Juniper products, but we
would like to use Cisco whenever we can, so Cisco is our preference.

Thanks in advance.


One key thing to keep in mind is that vxrs with your desired npe have 2 hw
buses, the even slots are 1 bus, the odds are the other, so be sure to
distribute bw accordingly.
_guide_chapter09186a00801056f4.html is a good link for looking this stuff
I have a minor comment on the subint thing, in the past I worked for a
provider that had a non vxr 7206 with ONE t3 and all thos esubints/maps and
it worked well.