Cisco OSMs for 65XX

I'm looking into an edge 65XX solution for a new DC with multiple sonet
connections to GigE and I was hoping for some real world feedback.
Particularly, we're considering the OSM-4OC3-POS-SI+ and the
OSM-2OC12-POS-SI+. While performance and redundancy may best be served
by GSRs with engine3/4 linecards or the big J, I'm not convinced the
expense is worth the additional costs.

Any hands-on experiences or 3rd party performance statistics are most

Thank you,


(I'll preface this by saying that even though I have not used OSM, I have
used 6509/MSFC2 a lot and like it greatly).


Used Juniper gear, even when re-certing it, is still probably orders of
magnitudes cheaper than OSM.

Live life. Get a couple M20's, and some 6509-SUP2 (non-MSFC) with GE
uplinks. You'll be happy, it will be stable, and you'll not spend a lot of

I work for an ISP which recently obtained a new network block from ARIN. The
new IP addresses in that CIDR are not being recognized as IP addresses
within the United States, or are being seen as over-seas IP addresses. This
has resulted in the IP addresses to be blocked by several financial
institutions, military agencies, VPN Gateways, PGP, etc.

We are currently working on this issue on a case by case basis, but it is
becoming an overwhelming task to try and track down the appropriate
contact(s) of the larger organizations and military agencies. If anyone has
some advise, suggestions, or assistance that they can offer in regards to
this situation, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

J. Borris