Cisco OC-3c card question

What is the most cost effective equipment to use to connect two
locations with an OC-3c circuit? I currently have 7206VXR routers at
both ends, so would prefer slot cards for those if feasible.

Excuse my ignorance, but I can't get hold of any pre-sales support at
Cisco because the worms are overloading their phone reps.


There are PA-POS-OC3 cards (IIRC 3 flavors), and you need to shop for the
right kind to match up with the way your telco provider is handing the
circuit to you (multimode, single-mode intermediate reach and single-mode
long reach).

I recently needed some OC3 interfaces and went with older POSIP-OC3-50
cards (full size cards for the 7500 series) as they were much cheaper than
PA-POS cards. They're basically specialized VIP2-50's with a double-wide
POS adaptor.

PA-POS for OC3-c can be pretty expensive - $3000 or so. If you don't
mind the cell tax the PA-A1-OC3 are only $500 or so but I'm not sure if
they ever made a VXR model of this card. The PA-A3-OC3 are about $1000.

  The difference between the PA-A1 and PA-A3, besides the possible
VXR/non VXR bus issue, is that the PA-A1s have less ability to handle
queueing on a per VC basis - not an issue at all if you're just looking
for cheap cards.

  I did a little searching after writing the above ... looks like the
PA-A1-OC3 is a non VXR 600 mbit bus only card, while the PA-A3-OC3 was
built for the 600 mbit standard and gigabit VXR bus boxes.

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