Cisco IPv6 Exploit, was Re: 6to4 routes disappeared from most of North America

Someone on another list was wondering if this IPv6 exploit might have
something to do with the NANOG thread from a few days ago titled "6to4
routes disappeared from most of North America".

Is there any reason to think that these might be related, or do we
already know for certain that they're completely unrelated?


I started the 6to4 thread, so....

I personally doubt they're related. I noticed the lack of 6to4 connectivity
a couple months ago, and though it to be transient; it appears instead to be
an artifact of laziness on the part of v6 network carriers.

But, since I love to feed the conspiracy nuts anyway: Maybe the Tier-1s
were afraid that the malformed-v6 exploit could somehow be triggered by 6to4
injection and wanted to isolate the v6 network more from the more hostile v4

Naaaaaah. My money's on laziness; it's usually the case. :sunglasses:

Never attribute to laziness that which can be explained by incompetence. :slight_smile:


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Or both, simultaneously.