Cisco for dummies?

: Cisco has some things like that already, in the training guides
: for their Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration (ICRC) and Advanced
: Cisco Router Configuration (ACRC) courses, and IIRC all the text is also
: on their web site someplace.
: Truth is, it's not all that useful without the commentary and
: experience of the instructor, especially since the course gets into all
: kinds of weird stuff (wanna bridge xns through a tunnel over tcp/ip?),
: barely touches on the type of BGP stuff talked about on this list.

Even then, unless you get an instructor who really knows a lot about BGP,
there's not much value in the class (at least not ACRC.) Although I can
now setup an Appletalk tunnel, the class didn't tell me anything more about
anything that I'd ever touched before, or even peripherally investigated.
Who needs 4 hours of access-list instruction???

About the most helpful thing I've found as far as learning advanced Cisco
stuff is their Internetworking Case Studies. The guide for BGP is at and I found
it to be _extremely_ helpful. The main ICS page is at

: However, there're a lot of good examples & FAQs and such on
: Cisco's web page if you search around long enough.
: This is not to say that I don't think such a book would be useful,
: but I'd really, REALLY hate to see "Cisco for Dummies" 'cause it doesn't
: take much for an unclueful person with a Cisco in the right place to
: really screw things up for the rest of us.

Maybe they'll modify the title to "Cisco for notsomuch-dummies"?

Tine Hutchison
Network Engineer
Interaccess Co.