Cisco for dummies?

(Assuming this hasn't already been done and I am the one that is uninformed)

Has anyone though of how much money some publisher could make with a
Cisco for Dummies<tm> book? Say it runs $49.95 and is 2000 pages. It has
every obscure use of every command in say the IP IOS or Netflow Switching
or everything Cisco makes [depending on size here] It strikes me that
the UniversCD and the bound/hard copy manuals [including the ones from
the classes] are not all that useful unless you remember the approximate
syntax of the command or that it has been expanded in the next version of

Lots of companies make books solely elaborating on the references
provided by the manufacturer [ala Osborne on Borland and such].

It boggles my mind to figure how many they would probably sell [one for
every customer router?]

Then again, I guess Cisco would sell it at they standard rates. $1095 for
the 3 volume set on CD.

WARNING: There is some sarcasm in this message.


Cisco has some things like that already, in the training guides
for their Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration (ICRC) and Advanced
Cisco Router Configuration (ACRC) courses, and IIRC all the text is also
on their web site someplace.
  Truth is, it's not all that useful without the commentary and
experience of the instructor, especially since the course gets into all
kinds of weird stuff (wanna bridge xns through a tunnel over tcp/ip?), and
barely touches on the type of BGP stuff talked about on this list.
  However, there're a lot of good examples & FAQs and such on
Cisco's web page if you search around long enough.

  This is not to say that I don't think such a book would be useful,
but I'd really, REALLY hate to see "Cisco for Dummies" 'cause it doesn't
take much for an unclueful person with a Cisco in the right place to
really screw things up for the rest of us.