Happy New Year!

We have completed the move of the old CISCO-FAQ to its new home and
final resting spot. This is the new
semi-official site and directory of both the old (deferred) FAQ and soon
the new revamped FAQ. There are a few announcement files in the
directory that will go into detail on how we are working to get an up to
date FAQ, at least started by end of January.

Before the holidays, I asked if anyone would be kind enough to send me
<> config files (stripped of passwds and incriminating
stuff) along with a brief explanation of the more advanced sections. I
received a few - THANK YOU! However I need many more - Specifically I am
interested in collecting complex BPG configs that exploit the more
advanced attributes such as communities, MED's and route reflectors. We
also need ATM and FDDI config examples, a touch of CLNS, a sprinkle of
IS-IS and OSPF with just a splash of IPX. SMNP, ACL's and general IP
interface examples will also go along way.

I will keep all configs sent confidential, and will only use sections in
the FAQ that are generic. I will run everything past the donator prior
to public consumption, and of course you'll get a plug for the help.

We need general questions and answers too. We have set up a LISTSERV
for the sole and exclusive purpose of submitting info to the FAQ.
Details are in the .ann file on the ftp site.

A special cry goes out to the gurus, you know who you are. You run the
Net or at least help keep it running. I'd really like to hear from you
- with even a quick config snippet, anything.

We have a small team set up and ready to finally get an updated FAQ out
after many years. We're committed and we appreciate your help!

Best regards,

David Van Allen - FASTNET(tm) / You Tools Corporation (888)321-FAST(3278)
FASTNET - Business and Personal Internet Solutions