[CISCO] directed-broadcast, ip classless

Ran Atkinson writes:
} [...]
}CASE: H87037
}OPENED: 05-AUG-97
}DESCRIPTION: make "ip classless" default for ISP IOS images
}The "ip classless" is important since various folks have chunks
}of former class A address space but do not have the entire former
}class A. For example, @Home has a small slice of 24.x.x.x,
}but several other providers are also in 24.x.x.x.

No lobbying required here. As of (I believe) 11.2(1), "no ip classless"
would show up in cisco configurations as a default command, which means
that they're likely going to change it to "ip classless" in the next
major release.

cisco's modus operandi when it comes to changing default behavior of
commands is to spend one major release with the command in the
configuration regardless of whether it's on or off, and then to change
the new default behavior in the next major release.

In other words, don't waste your breath screaming at them about
something they decided to change a long time ago.



  Thanks for your note. I hope you are correct.

  Personally, I haven't been screaming at anyone. I _have_ been
told by cisco that they are reluctant to change the "ip classless"
to be default. Stated reason is that folks prefer classful addressing.
If cisco ISP folks can speak on the record about this matter to
the NANOG list, it would be useful IMHO.