Cisco as Big Brother (Was Re: Cisco's AIP vs HSSI)

Kent, Tony, et. al.,

   I'm kidding. Of course I love everything about cisco,

  Argh. Sounds like a Microsoft person. Do you like the fact that
  maintenance releases of code are more widely used than production
  "GDC" versions?

  Do you like the fact that their hardware QA is hardly there?

  Do you like the fact that they're so good at capitalism they
  swallow any potentially innovative competitor? (arguable)

  I like cisco too, but I'd really prefer that Bay, 3Com, or Netstar
  were on par w/ cisco and forced them to do things better. As it
  is, they seem to stagnate from lack of competition...

  It's arguable that the reason ATM is so available is that cisco
  had no/little competition to increase router performance.

   since as Dave
   O'Leary has told me for a long time "Sooner or later everyone ends
   up working for cisco" and he seems to be right.

  Or maybe, everyone stops at cisco sometime in their career.

  Although, I know lots of smart smart smart people who haven't.
  One of them is looking for a job, and he's not looking at cisco.
  (not me...)