Cisco as Big Brother (Was Re: Cisco's AIP vs HSSI)

The salespeople in the UK are using that tactic too? If a sales rep
EVER walked into my office and fed me a line like that, I would end the
meeting right there. As it is, I refuse to do business with Cisco not
because of their products, but because of their marketing department
and their corporate attitude of "We're the best, nobody can touch us,
and if you want to buy our product you better bend over backwards to do
what we want you to do." That was their attitude three years ago when
our company was just getting started, and I haven't noticed it change
much today.

No. I think the phrase *actually* used at a meeting (I was elsewhere
that day) was "It is a priveledge to deal with a market leader like
Cisco." This was the Cisco sales rep, not us. sigh.

Buy! Buy! Bye Bye. :stuck_out_tongue: