Cisco 7513/HSA

This may not be the exact purpose of this forum, but I am interested in your
experience since this group has an obvious interest in High Performance and
High Systems Availability of routers.

We have a 7505, 7507, 7513 and another 7513 on its way. We were under the
impression that we would soon be able to use the dual RSP2 capability of
some of these routers soon, like maybe this week. Upon loading 11.1 we, of
course, found out that it did not work at all with both processors
installed. Tech Support concurred that at least 11.2 would be needed and no
date has been set for its release.

Does anyone have and experience or information contrary to this?

If so I would certainly like to hear from you!



Lowell K. Hanson
Philip Morris Network Services