Cisco 2611XM as cheap border router

Hello people of nanog :slight_smile:

Ive been doing some reading up and I see that that 2600 series is now supporting 256MB of memory. Do you guys think this router could handle 3/4 peers a QoS setup (RSVP or something)?


This will not work for full routes.
The memory upgrade is utilized for larger
IOS images with new features.

An update to the product bulletin is
in the works to clarify it.

Further specific questions in regards to
the memory can be moved over to the
cisco-nsp alias.


It would be fairly useful if Cisco had a published document that detailed
the minimum configuration for each major router line to support BGP with 1
to 4 full views. Of course, this would have to be periodically updated. By
this, I mean a separate overlay document for their entire router product
line. This would be very helpful to operators and integrators who get asked
about minimum configurations fairly frequently...

(I'm only picking on Cisco because they are 1) big and 2) have routers that
support BGP but don't have enough memory for full tables)

- Dan