circuits in WVA?

From: Jeremiah Kristal <jeremiah@fs.IConNet.NET>
Has anyone had any recent luck provisioning circuits into West Virginia?
I have been trying to order two DS-3s and haven't been able to find any
IXCs that can do it. Is there really no capacity whatsoever into WVA or
am I just not talking to the correct people?

Have had similar problems into another rural state (Mississippi). But
the problem is not limited to rural, I heard that Merit could not get
another DS3 up to Ann Arbor Michigan for over 9 months last year.

I found that the problem is not actually lack of capacity, but rather
that they want to sell you their enhanced services instead of raw
bandwidth. And it has gotten worse (at least in MS) with the merger of
LDDS and WilTel and MCI and their grandmother. Nowhere left to turn.

We've been looking into leasing microwave, or leasing tower space and
putting in spread spectrum, and maybe filing as a CLEC. All much harder
than we'd like....
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