Cingular Wireless drops below 99.999

For the second day in a row, Cingular Wireless has no service in the 919,
910, and 704 areacodes. The customer support specialist that I talked to
this morning tells me that there are 48 sites down, and offered no
information as to a time-to-repair.

Not being a statistics major, how long do you have to be up to fix 2 days
back to 99.999%?

If you are trying to get in touch with me today, just don't bother. :wink:


Well, just from an averaging standpoint, 99.999% is 1 minus 10^-5.
So, you need to be up for 2 x 10^5 days; roughly 547.6 years, to
have it AVERAGE to 99.999% (for you).

                                   Marshall Eubanks

Alan Clegg wrote: