Cidr Report - part 3

2) Weekly Delta

This a daily snapshot of changes in classfull routes being withdrawn and added.
the deltas are calculated over a rolling 7 day period. Please bear in mind this
is purely a "snapshot" and a large flucuation could be caused by a connectivity
problem for example. However, this does give some indication of service
providers that are moving to classless routing.

Top 20 Withdrawn Routes from 20Sep96 to 27Sep96
  -394 AS1717 RENATER
  -135 AS279 SURAnet Southern AS
  -103 AS1740 CERFnet
   -68 AS701 Alternet
   -59 AS2941 CSCNS-AS
   -55 AS4262 CERFnet Los Angeles SMDS
   -37 AS174 Performance Systems International
   -36 AS1 BBN Planet backbone
   -35 AS3930 FERC-FED-US
   -32 AS2551 NETCOM On-line Communication Serv
   -30 AS560 BBN Planet, New England Region (N
   -26 AS2914 RGnet/TLGnet SF
   -24 AS3491 CAIS-ASN
   -17 AS3566 JRIVER-LINK
   -16 AS1257 SWIPnet Swedish IP Network
   -15 AS1263 NSN-TEST-AS
   -11 AS200 BBN Planet Western Region
    -9 AS71 Hewlett-Packard
    -7 AS2277 ECUANET

Top 20 Added Routes from 20Sep96 to 27Sep96
    80 AS86 SURAnet Northern AS
    45 AS4175 CONNECT-NCM
    31 AS2493 i*internet
    30 AS1275 DFN-IP
    29 AS4387 RECYT
    24 AS8001 UNKNOWN
    21 AS3915 Best Internet Communications, Inc
    20 AS225 University of Virginia (VIRnet)
    18 AS4433 ACCESS-ONE
    14 AS568 JIS (Joint Interconnection Servic
    11 AS6401 eConnect
    10 AS3397 EMI-AS
     9 AS3749 Tennessee Board of Regents
     8 AS4174 CONNECT-COM
     7 AS6739 Autonomous System number for Belg
     6 AS3561 MCI
     5 AS549 ONet Backbone
     4 AS3720 TIMS-AS
     3 AS5746 Celestar

3) Interesting aggregates

            List of possibly interesting aggregates