One can also accomplish this with a lot less thought by simply making each
allocation be as far away from all other allocations as possible within a
given CIDR block. For example, allocate xx.xx.0/24 first, xx.xx.128/24
second, xx.xx.64/24 third, xx.xx.192/24 fourth, xx.xx.32/24 fifth, etc.

If one only allocates 50% of the space using that kind of an algorithm,
then every single prefix can be doubled to become a /23. If one only
allocates 25% or the space, then every single prefix can be quadrupled to
become a /22.

Of course, we'd have to convince the authorities that 25% to 50%
utilization of a CIDR block in this manner is a good thing so we could get
new /16 or bigger blocks...