>Simon Poole wrote:
>> Yakov, if you have data that CIDR is -not- working for new allocations
>> please present it here.
>> Simon
>CIDR doesn't work as it should. We had to inject all of the more specifics
>of 194.45/16 cause Sprintlink isn't able to handle CIDR routes correctly.

Can someone explain this a bit more? This sounds like a showstopper
for CIDR.

I have noticed some similar problems. MCI routing breaks if you provide them
with an identical path at multiple interconnects if it is advertised to them
at equal cost, hence they always like to see MEDs.

In regards, a recent announcement (8/11):

   To All Maintainers of Data in the MCI Routing Registry,

   Until very recently, ANS's routers have been unable to support the
   MULTI_EXIT_DISCRIMINATOR (MED) attribute of BGP4. The result of this
   was that if an Autonomous System (AS) peered with ANS in more than one
   place, static configuration was required to specify which peer is the
   preferred exit point from ANS. This need for static configuration was
   satisfied with the 'advisory: AS690' attribute.

   ANS has now implemented MEDs in their routers and has already tested
   it with a few ASs. They have told us that they are willing to turn on
   MEDs with AS3561 on Tuesday 15 August. This greatly simplifies the
   'advisory' attribute needed in the registry. For example, if your
   current 'advisory' attribute looks like:

     advisory: AS690 1:3561(11) 2:3561(144) 3:3561(27) 4:3561(147) 5:3561(218)

   it can now be reduced to:

     advisory: AS690 1:3561

   We do not know which other providers, if any, have arranged to send
   MEDs to ANS. So, if some of the networks you maintain in the RR are
   multi-homed to provider(s) which also peer with ANS in more than one
   place, you would need to talk directly to the other provider(s) to
   see if the 'advisory' string should change. An example of an
   'advisory' attribute for a network that is homed to both MCI and
   Alternet, with primary service through MCI, and assuming that ANS
   has not enabled MEDs with AS701, is:

     advisory: AS690 1:3561 2:701(147) 3:701(144)

   The RR Users Guide will be updated with this information; it will
   not contain any more information than this e-mail message. The
   most recent version of the Users Guide is always available from
   "" (a PostScript version
   is also available with an extension of '.ps').

   MCI is volunteering to change 'advisory' attributes in existing
   route objects in the MCI RR to the new syntax; ASs other than 3561
   *will* be preserved, so the semantic of the 'advisory' will *not*
   change. We will make this change on Friday morning 11 August. If
   you have any questions or concerns about this, please tell us before
   Friday morning by sending a message to ''.

   Starting Friday morning 11 August, please make sure that all new
   and updated route objects contain the new 'advisory' string.

   Thank You.