Nathan Stratton previously wrote:

Ok, so you could not use a proxy server unless you Ogot some other NSP to
set up a server also? Is this correct? I want to set up a MAE-East
connection, I have a 4000 and only 16 megs or ram. Would I be able to set
up a PC as a route server and not need 64 megs or ram in my router?

If I remember correctly, MAE-East member gets two host IP addresses (one
for a MAE-East connection and one for a MAE-East+ connection. If MFS
will let you use one of those two IP addresses for your PC, and if they
let you somehow get that PC on MAE-East, then you're ok and you can use
the PC as a proxy. But you'll have to talk to MFS.

Anyways, I would recommend you upgrade your 4000 to a 4000-M or (better
yet) a 4500-M. If you're judicious about who you peer with and what you
accept from them and buy transit from someone for what you can't hear
directly from your peers, and if you have no other points-of-exit, then
you won't be hearing much more than 1x full Internet routing, which
takes up ~4MB on a Cisco (just for the paths and routes, not for the
software or anything else); a 32MB box will be ok, for now. In the long
run? Make you have enough cash to upgrade when it becomes necessary, and
you'll be ok :slight_smile:

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