CIDR Aggregation Tool

Perhaps this is just a small error that has to be accepted in your
measurements, but we are dual homed and require both the aggregate and
the specific.

> 2) When an AS advertises both an aggregate and a specific, the specific
> is 'dropped' by the aggregator. If the input is:
> {,}, the output will be:
> {} ( will be dropped).

The was a random example. I hope that's not you :slight_smile:

There are no "value" judgements made by the tool - it's just suggesting
aggregates. And if we see an aggregate and a specific, both set to
the same next-hop, it's quite likely that it's the same AS announcing
both routes, and that they (your transit provider(s)) could do the
aggregation themselves - but the tool *is* deficient in that right now
it doesn't consider AS-paths.

As an example, picking an IP for (

Our route table has:
*> <--- agis
*> <--- mci
*> <--- agis
*> <--- agis

So if 198.111.252/23 is suggested as an aggregate for the
(AGIS) target, that's because it looks like AGIS could in fact announce instead of 198.111.252/0 and