Choke Point Project wins Golden Nica


*2011 winner of [the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant
**Choke Point Project / P2P Foundation (NL)
*The Choke Point Project addresses the question of who actually exercises
control over the Internet. As a general rule, the Internet is perceived as a
decentralized medium not subject to constraints imposed by power structures
or authoritarian entities. However, recent events have shown this is not so:
in practice, politicians can switch off the Internet for entire countries.
The P2P Foundation's Choke Point Project aims to pinpoint key Internet nodes
and demonstrate the ease with which constraints can be imposed on Internet
connections for entire segments of the population. The goal will be to
create visualizations in the form of "maps of the Internet", and to assemble
a variety of approaches and strategies for sidestepping such constraints.
This will help ensure the Internet is liberated from the grasp of power
structures, and that control passes to the individual.