China internet issues


Can anyone please help me to get view of China ISP issues and backbone issues?

We always have issues within china and always blind to know what caused

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Can anyone please help me to get view of China ISP issues and backbone issues?

There is a chinese network operators group (found from
but it seems without any real activity:

Yes but it has very old posts. Doesn’t look active anymore.

We are having outlook disconnections since 2 weeks and Chinese ISP doesn’t tell what’s going on.

Hey, what kind of issue are you looking at? The three major ISPs are
China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile. However, most issues
are probably related to the Great Firewall (GFW). It can do many
different things (DNS poisoning, IP blackhole, IP:port block, TCP
reset, etc.) on the state level.

One of the issues in China is the existence of the Great Firewall. Its impact is not only about blocking access, but also throttling non-mainland traffic during peak hours, such as in the evenings, through QoS restrictions.

Additionally, similar to most Asian home ISPs, Chinese ISPs are not inclined to optimize international routing. Usually, all non-mainland traffic is routed through the United States or European countries instead of connecting directly. Even for traffic to Hong Kong, if there is no paid peering agreement, the traffic from China Telecom’s home broadband users will be routed through the United States before reaching Hong Kong.

Basically means you have to pay the 3 largest ISPs in China to have a better performance for users in China Mainland.

Basically we using Zscaler proxy and through that outlook latency is so high and disconnections to outlook specific. Without Zscaler proxy we are good.

Not sure how to get complete path where it can show latency.